Aerial Surveying

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Aerial Surveying Services

USSI provides inspection services to include Land, Structures, Utility Lines and Solar Farms. We employ high resolution cameras that captures high definition imagery to produce extremely detailed views. We provide both digital pictures, maps and video. USSI can transform these captured images into DEM/DSM models, Orthomosaics, and Contour maps used in a variety of applications. USSI is able to post-process UAV-collected multispectral imagery into a variety of photogrammetric data formats.


We provide aerial land surveing services for a host of application to include State forestry, real estate, Insurance industry, and construction.


We provide both RGB and FLIR imaging services to help identify machnical and corrosion damage caused by defect, weathering, rust, decomposition, and oxidization.

Solar Panels

By using HD imaging and FLIR we can accurately identify solar panel cell damage and defects to ensure peak performance.

Utility Lines

We provide high definition imaging to support power line inspection to identify degraded insulation, vegetation infringement, and physical damage.